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   Lender's Services

Massachusetts state law requires that real estate closings must be performed exclusively by attorneys. Leading lenders in the greater Boston area repeatedly turn to Freeman & Freeman to handle these important legal transactions. Indeed, we have established a strong reputation for our ability to represent lenders at every stage and in numerous different types of of loan transactions, restructures and workouts from single family purchases to the creation of entire condominium developments.

Freeman & Freeman ensures that title work for real estate is complete and done in a timely manner, that you and your office receive all necessary information well in advance of the closing, and that the necessary transactional paperwork is in order.

Freeman & Freeman is a full-service law firm and closing company providing title searches and closing services for banks and loan officers throughout Massachusetts. Concentrating in residential and commercial real estate, we recognize that no two loans are the same and every closing is unique. As a full-service closing company we shall help resolve even the most complex title issues. These are some of the services we provide:
  • Residential Real Estate Conveyance: We represent lenders and consumers with residential and commercial real estate closing throughout Massachusetts.
  • Refinance Transactions: Freeman & Freeman has extensive experience handling real estate refinancing that helps reduce debt and monthly payments.
  • Title Examinations: We provide a fast turnaround on title examinations throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As lawyers we are able to resolve most problems that may be discovered during the title examination.
  • Commercial Real Estate Conveyance: As a full-service closing company owned by attorneys, we are capable of handling complex zoning, land use or title matters that may arise in commercial real estate transactions as well as work on behalf of commercial lenders providing many services including providing Opinion Letters.
  • Resolution of Complex Title Issues: Freeman & Freeman has significant experience handling title issues involving missing land, outstanding discharges, or missing documents and tax liens.
  • Buyer and Seller Representation on Purchase and Sale Agreements: Our company represents clients in all phases of the real estate transaction, including drafting, reviewing, negotiating and executing Purchase and Sale Agreements.
  • Condominium Conversions: We work with clients during all phases of condominium conversion, including creating the master deed, working with architects and engineers, developing budgets and drafting contracts for the sale of the units.
  • Relocations: We provide residential relocation services to relocation companies facilitating large group-move relocation projects. We perform title examinations, authorize release of equity and negotiate Purchase and Sale Agreements on behalf of the respective party.
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